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Dirty Harry

The Hunter's Best Friend​

  • .33 Bore Size (.300 winchester Magnum rated)

  • Flow-Through Design with extremely low/reduced Backpressure

  • threads directly to your .30cal rifle out of the box

  • Full Auto Rated

  • 8 Inch total length

  • 11.6 oz total weight

  • 1.375x24 mount thread to accept any mountaing device preferred by user

  • (16 inch minimum barrel length for full auto rating)

  • Lifetime warranty (limited)

  • MSRP: $999

Dirty Harry
Magnum Suppressor

This Lightweight can suppresses larger .30 cal rounds with ease. 

Flow Forward technology reduces back pressure to near un-suppressed levels. 

Fully User Serviceable (1-3/8 Hex head end caps)

removable baffle stack

Rated up to 300 Winchester Magnum

Full auto rated

limited lifetime warranty.


Dirty Harry Specifications

Maximum Caliber Rating

.300 RUM.  (tested to .338 Lapua, not recommended)

Total length

8 Inches without mounting device installed


11.6 Ounces

Decibel level at shooter's Right ear 

.300 Winchester Magnum  136.1dB

Baffle Material

17-4 Stainless steel

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